AWARE Flood Sensor

Call Us – +91- 8800 588 282

Call Us – +91- 8800 588 282

AWARE Flood IoT Inundation Sensor

The AWARE Flood Sensor from Intellisense delivers a fully remote and autonomous flood warning system that can automatically alert users to flash flooding. With a built-in solar power system and proven IoT capabilities, first responders can receive alerts and images of flood-prone areas so that they can respond with road closures and evacuation notices for communities, businesses, and other personnel.

How Is Data Collected?

GPS Location

Water Depth

Barometric Pressure

Battery Voltage

Air & Water Temperature

Benefit Of AWARE Flood Sensor

Generate early warnings to handle upcoming disastrous situations due to sudden floods in an efficient way.


The AWARE Flood System consists of a network of nodes mounted near flood plains, riverbeds and low-lying areas. Thanks to an integrated solar power system and built-in rechargeable batteries, these inundation sensors do not need to be connected to an external power source. They are also ruggedized and built to withstand the strongest storms. Each node begins collecting data within 60 seconds of startup and connects via a cellular connection to an aggregator. Each aggregator then processes and transmits information to a portal provided by Intellisense where customers can see data and images from the sensor’s site.

AWARE flood sensor


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Aware Flood Sensor

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